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“I belong to the tribe of the world, musician of the universal culture, and I am really keen on singing some songs to cheer up your day”  

I was born in July 1979 in a small city, Velez-Malaga (Andalusia-Spain). Ever since I was a little boy I've been very interested in music, although I couldn’t develop this skill from an early age because of my humble social status.

At the age of 18 I bought my first second-hand Spanish guitar with its strings awfully raised from the flets. At that moment in partnership with friends I started to learn some covers. Soon I bought my premier electric guitar with the savings of one month's dishwasher salary.

At the beginning I formed a few local bands with some of my secondary school friends. We used to play 90’s alternative rock in small venues and flat parties. The band ‘Cosmopolitan Moon’ stands out as it lasted almost ten years. In 2012 I was part of to the power trio ‘Narrma’ and I made a tour around Spain. One year later the band separated.   

In 2013 I moved to Edinburgh (Scotland) where I began a new and interesting period of my life. I learnt how to play World music from Latin America, Spain and all over the world, a bit of rumba, flamenco, cumbia, son cubano, African music, fado, reggae and so on. I used to play in Spanish restaurants, traditional Scottish pubs and other venues, and I even did some busking on the Royal Mile and Rose Street.  

In 2014 I moved to Vienna (Austria) for 6 months and I continued playing and learning. After that I visited Bulgaria and I played in Sofia and Plovdiv. Between 2014 and 2015 I went back to Edinburgh where I recorded two Ep’s the most important of which 
being ‘Vientos del Sur’. In the end of 2015 I came back to Spain for 10 months.

Now I’ve just arrived in Berlin with an extensive list of concerts behind me and a lot of enthusiasm for what's ahead of me. Our name is now CHESKO GONZALEZ & HIS FRIENDS. Hallo Deutschland! 
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